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Save Maine Lobstering

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Save Maine Lobstermen

Supporting an Industry that is key to our towns and state.

Over the years of Outside Of The Box hosting events and fundraisers, we have always, had tremendous support from Maine’s largest industry, Lobstering. The lobstering men and women have always donated their catch, the trap builders have donated traps, the bait companies donated gift certificates toward bait. Local families donate money, goods and come to our events to help us raise money to move forward creating family fun days, supporting larger causes and raising awareness for Autism.


Many scary things have been proposed against the Lobstering Industry over the last several weeks. New rules and regulations that groups are trying to get passed into law, ultimately devastating Lobstering all together. The repercussions would be felt locally and state wide, from immediate families to our local eateries and small businesses. 


The Maine Lobstermen Association (MLA) is fighting the front line to help prevent these new ways from becoming the reality for Lobstermen. They have started a defense fund, and they need our help. They are seeking donations large and small, anything to help fight against the extreme measures. 


I feel as though it’s time for Outside Of The Box to give back to an industry that has helped us so greatly. Outside Of The Box is partnering with CoastalMECreations (Meagan Rackliff) to create mugs and Adventure Advertising to make shirts turning all the proceeds over to the MLA for the defense fund. 


Shirts are made to order and will be shipped within a week.Thank you for your support.”

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